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Acute generalised pustular psoriasis. A case report
F. Folescu

Generalised Pustular Psoriasis, an uncommon variant of Psoriasis vulgaris in which an acute, subacute or occasionally chronic eruption has sterile pustules as its central feature. Generalised Pustular Psoriasis is an extreme form of Psoriasis in which all the main pathological features of the disease are accentuated.
I shall present the case of a 36 years old young man with a very severe and less common form of Psoriasis: Acute Generalized Pustular Psoriasis, together with specific notes given by provocative factors, disease complications, his evolution and the difficulty of menagement.
The diagnosis was established by clinical features and also by histopatological examination; the patient had a biopsy with Kogoj-Lapiere spongiform, multilocular pustule, that is patognomonic.
Folescu F.