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President: Antonio Cristaudo

Scientific and Technical Coordination: Santo Dattola, Giovanni Fabio Zagni.

Organizing Committee

  • Dott. Concetto P. Agnusdei - Campobasso
  • Dott. Pierluigi Bruni - Perugia
  • Dott. Calcedonio Cannarozzo - Catania
  • Dott. Sergio Centofanti - Rome
  • Dott.ssa Sandra Curia - Cosenza
  • Dott.ssa Annunziata Dattola - Rome
  • Dott. Santo Dattola - Reggio Calabria
  • Dott. Luigi Del Brocco - Rome
  • Dott.ssa Maria Angela Di Mauro - Catania
  • Dott. Gino Favero - Bari
  • Dott. Angelo S. Ferrari - Crotone
  • Dott. Stefano La Greca - Catania
  • Prof. Santo Raffaele Mercuri - Milan
  • Dott. Maurizio Pettinato - Catania
  • Dott. Antonio Pugliese - Taranto
  • Dott. Nunzio Puccia - Ragusa
  • Dott. Carmelo Schepis - Messina
  • Prof. Ignazio Stanganelli - Ravenna
  • Dott. Massimo Travaglini - Brindisi
  • Dott. Giovanni Fabio Zagni - Catania
Dear Colleagues,

As President of the “ADI-ADMG International Congress of Dermatology” and on behalf of ADI (Ionian Dermatological Association) and ADMG (Association of Dermatologists of Magna Greece), I am very pleased to invite you to Rome, which will host this Meeting from 9 to 12 November 2022.

The Symposium programme will be characterized by a selection of relevant topics proposed by high-level Italian and foreign speakers. Dedicated topics will focus on clinicopathological correlation, contact allergy and occupational dermatology, skin diseases and systemic inflammation, dermato-oncology, as well as dermatosurgery.
The event will be spread over 4 days (Wednesday to Saturday) with many tracks of Review and Updates stimulating Plenary Lectures for all to attend, Communications sessions highlighting the latest research and findings, and a single track dedicated to juniors under 35. In addition, there will be plenty of space dedicated to new technologies and innovative cosmetics.

Barceló Aran Mantegna Palace is equipped with a spacious, elegant, technological, comfortable Conference Center that will provide an unforgettable experience for everyone.

The city of Rome needs no introduction. Rich in history, art, science, traditions and cultures, Rome is not only the capital of Italy, but it can be considered the capital of the world. A proverb that everyone knows says: all roads go to Rome. And everyone is pleased to return to Rome even after a thousand other times.

We look forward to seeing in Rome.

Antonio Cristaudo


Confirmed Speakers

International Speakers

  • Thomas Dirscka

    Professor of Dermatology,
    Founder and Director of Centroderm in Wupperthal, Germany

  • Nejib Doss

    Head of Dermatology Military Hospital of Tunis, Tunisia
    Secretary General of the Pan Arab League of Dermatologists

  • Ramon Grimalt

    Professor Titular de Dermatologia
    Facultat de Medicina i Ciències de la Salut
    Universitat Internacional de Catalunya
    08195 Sant Cugat del Vallès
    UIC Barcelona - Spain

  • Aimilios Lallas

    Department of Dermatology
    Aristotle University
    Thessaloniki – Greece

  • Joseph Pace

    Professor of Dermatology
    Past Chairman University
    Dept of Dermatology

  • Lidia Rudnicka

    Chairman of Department of Dermatology at Medical University of Warsaw, Poland
    President of the Polish Dermatological Society
    President of the International Society of Trichoscopy

  • Alon Scope

    Professor of Dermatology at Tel Aviv University, Israel
    Director of the Advanced Skin Cancer Research & Development Institute at Sheba Medical Center
    Chair of the Israeli Dermoscopy Society.

  • Catherine Stefanato

    Dermatopathology Consultant in the Department of Dermatology at St. John's Institute of Dermatology, London, UK

  • Andreas Wollenberg

    Dept. of Dermatology and Allergology
    Ludwig-Maximilian University
    D-80337 Munich - Germany

Italian Speakers

  • Agnusdei Concetto Paolo, Campobasso
  • Amantea Ada, Rome
  • Amato Salvatore, Palermo
  • Amoruso Giuseppe Fabrizio, Cosenza
  • Ardigò Marco, Rome
  • Arpaia Nicola, Bari
  • Astorino Stefano, Rome
  • Atzori Laura, Cagliari
  • Bettoli Vincenzo, Ferrara
  • Bianchi Luca, Rome
  • Bleidl Dario, Genoa
  • Bonifati Claudio, Rome
  • Bruni Pier Luigi, Perugia
  • Caltabiano Rosario, Catania
  • Calzavara Pinton Piergiacomo, Brescia
  • Cameli Norma, Rome
  • Campione Elena, Rome
  • Cannarozzo Calcedonio, Catania
  • Cannarozzo Giovanni, Florence
  • Cassano Nicoletta, Bari
  • Cavani Andrea, Rome
  • Centofanti Sergio, Rome
  • Cota Carlo, Rome
  • Cristaudo Antonio, Rome
  • Curia Sandra, Cosenza
  • Cusano Francesco, Benevento
  • D'Amico Domenico, Catanzaro
  • Dattola Annunziata, Rome
  • Dattola Santo, Reggio Calabria
  • Del Brocco Luigi, Rome
  • De Pasquale Rocco, Catania
  • De Pità Ornella, Rome
  • De Simone Clara, Rome
  • Di Carlo Aldo, Rome
  • Di Domenico Enea, Rome
  • Diociaiuti Andrea, Rome
  • Donà Maria Gabriella, Rome
  • Eibenschutz Laura, Rome
  • El Hachem May, Rome
  • Fai Dario, Lecce
  • Farnetani Francesca, Modena
  • Feliciani Claudio, Parma
  • Ferrari Angelo Salvatore, Crotone
  • Ferrari Marco, Trieste
  • Foti Caterina, Bari
  • Franco Gennaro, Rome
  • Frascione Pasquale, Rome
  • Garcovich Antonio, Rome
  • Garcovich Simone, Rome
  • Giuliani Eugenia, Rome
  • Iacovelli Paolo, Rome
  • La Greca Stefano, Catania
  • Latini Alessandra, Rome
  • Longo Caterina, Modena
  • Mandel Victor Desmond, Rome
  • Marzano Angelo, Milan
  • Massone Cesare, Genoa
  • Mavilia Luciano, Messina
  • Mazzarello Vittorio, Sassari
  • Mercuri Santo Raffaele, Milan
  • Milioto Mirella, Palermo
  • Moretti Giovanna, Messina
  • Morrone Aldo, Rome
  • Morrone Pietro, Cosenza
  • Motolese Alberico, Reggio Emilia
  • Naldi Luigi, Vicenza
  • Negosanti Francesca, Bologna
  • Nisticò Steven Paul, Catanzaro
  • Norat Maurizio, Aosta
  • Noto Giuseppe, Palermo
  • Occella Corrado, Genoa
  • Orsini Diego, Rome
  • Pacifico Alessia, Rome
  • Papi Massimo, Rome
  • Papini Manuela, Terni
  • Paradisi Andrea, Rome
  • Pellacani Giovanni, Rome
  • Peris Ketty, Rome
  • Perosino Elisabetta, Rome
  • Persechino Severino, Rome
  • Pettinato Maurizio, Catania
  • Potenza Concetta, Rome
  • Prignano Francesca, Florence
  • Provenzano Eugenio, Cosenza
  • Pugliese Antonio, Taranto
  • Quaglino Pietro, Turin
  • Romenelli Marco, Pisa
  • Romita Paolo, Bari
  • Rongioletti Franco, Milan
  • Rossi Alfredo, Rome
  • Rovatti Giorgio, Modena
  • Ruggiero Giorgio, Latina
  • Sannino Mario, Naples
  • Satta Rosanna Rita, Sassari
  • Scavo Sebastiano, Taormina
  • Schepis Carmelo, Messina
  • Simonacci Marco, Macerata
  • Stanganelli Ignazio, Ravenna
  • Strani Gian Franco, Turin
  • Sucato Federica, Sassari
  • Trischitta Antonino, Naples
  • Valenzano Luigi, Rome
  • Vena Gino Antonio, Bari
  • Zaccarelli Mauro, Rieti
  • Zagni Giovanni Fabio, Catania
  • Zichichi Leonardo, Trapani

Main Topics

  1. skin diseases and their comorbidities
  2. dermatological and environmental allergology
  3. skin immunopathology
  4. non invasive dermatology including dermatoscopy and confocal microscopy - skin cancers
  5. clinicopathological correlations - sexually transmitted and infectious diseases
  6. vascular dermatology
  7. pediatric dermatology
  8. surgical dermatology
  9. adnexal diseases
  10. sharing of guidelines on important skin diseases: hidradenitis suppurativa, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, melanoma, etc..
  11. photodermatology and laser therapy
  12. keloids and difficult scars
  13. aesthetic dermatology: dermocosmetology, prevention and care of skin blemishes and aging
  14. new and consolidated dermatological therapies
  15. evidence based therapy and clinical practice based therapy
  16. dermatological bioengineering techniques
  17. and more.

Key Dates

  • Registration Open February 1, 2022
  • Early Registration Deadline April 30, 2022
  • Standard Registration Deadline July 31, 2022
  • Late Registration Deadline October 31, 2022
  • Opening of the Congress November 9, 2022

Save the date.

November 9, 10, 11, 12 - 2022 - Rome, Italy


The Barceló Aran Mantegna****

is located in EUR-Garbatella, Rome’s business district, surrounded by green spaces and very close to the city’s new exhibition center, the Nuova Fiera di Roma. The hotel offers a transfer service to and from the center, during which you can admire the Roman Baths of Caracalla and the Circus Maximus (whit views of the Arch of Constantine and the Colosseum), plus the promenade along the shores of the Tiber river and the Ghetto.

The spacious and modern rooms stand out for a sophisticated décor and modern, functional furnishings. They are equipped with free Wi-Fi. The beds and pillows are extremely comfortable to ensure a peaceful and relaxing sleep.

The restaurants offer an extensive selection of exquisite cuisine, serving delicious Roman, Italian and Mediterranean dishes.

The hotel has its own convention center spread over 2 floors with 18 meeting rooms, a 500-seater auditorium, with direct access to the hotel. A car park with a capacity of up to 80 cars is available

The hotel’s location means that it is always peaceful, as well as being well-connected to the city center and both Fiumicino and Ciampino international airports. For this and for its comfortable design, Barceló Aran Mantegna can be considered the perfect choise for a successful congress event.