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Best Dermatological
Film Award

tribute to Sergio Chimenti
Banner Film Award

In the definitive scientific program of April 28, from 11 to 13, there will be a review of short dermatological films with a final prize.

To be admitted, the films must respect the following characteristics:

  • - Format: MPEG4 (also with audio)
  • - Projection ratio: 16/9 sixteen ninths (preferable)
  • - Made in HD - Minimum resolution 1280 x 720 - Maximum resolution 1920 x 1080
  • - Duration: maximum 10 minutes
  • - Delivery: by February 10, 2021
  • - Delivery method: mail; dedicated cloud
  • - Notice: a reception email will be sent
  • - Note: a backup copy will be required in case of display problems
All participants registered for the Congress can participate with one or two films. The prize of € 3000.00 (three thousand euro) will be awarded following a vote by the spectating participants.

The vote will take place by assigning a score from 1 to 5 to the following characteristics:
  • - relevance of the contents
  • - originality of the presentation
  • - technical quality of the film
  • - training effectiveness
The film that will be voted the most will be reproduced in the classroom on the evening of April 28 at the end of the work of the first day and the prize will be given to the winner by Prof. Ketty Peris, President of SIDeMaST

The films may not contain explicit references or names of pharmaceutical products, medical devices, equipment, or other.

How to send the material

Participating in the Best Dermatological Film Award is very simple.
In addition to the film, made according to the technical specifications indicated, each participant must prepare a PDF file containing their data (including contact details) and an abstract / description of the content of the film.
Both files must be sent via We Transfer to the e-mail address info@lorsamaggiore.it, indicating in the description field Best Dermatological Film Award.

  We Transfer

For more information contact L'Orsa Maggiore

Award for Young

The first session on Friday 30 April will include a succession of original clinical cases presented by young dermatologists under 35.

Among them a copy of the 3-volume work "TEXTBOOK OF DERMATOLOGY AND SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES - by A. Giannetti - C. Del Forno" will be awarded by drawing lots

Textbook of dermatology and sexually transmitted diseases

ADMG Lifetime
Achievement Award

The ADMG Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded this year to Dr. Federico Ricciuti, former Director of the Dermatology Operating Unit of the San Carlo Hospital in Potenza

Dott. Federico Ricciuti