Dermatology International Congress


Taormina - Villa Diodoro Hotel
via Bagnoli Croci, 75
Sicily - Italy

As soon as you arrive in Taormina, you will feel the magical atmosphere spread all around which has enchanted visitors from all over the world for years and years.



from 15 to 17 November 2018


Key Dates

  • Registration Open 10 January 2018
  • Early Registration Deadline 30 April 2018
  • Abstract submission deadline 31 July 2018
  • Standard Registration Deadline 31 July 2018
  • Late Registration Deadline 6 November 2018
  • Opening of the Congress 15 November 2018


International Speakers

  • Bergman Reuven, Haifa, Israele
  • Borradori Luca, Bern, Switzerland
  • Grimalt Ramon, Barcelona, Spain
  • Hertl Michael, Marburg, Germany
  • Hoeller Christoph, Vienna, Austria
  • Iorizzo Matilde, Lugano, Switzerland
  • Jemec Gregor, Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Krieg Thomas, Cologne, Germany
  • Lallas Aimilios, Thessaloniki, Greece
  • Medhat Abdelmalek, Amman, Jordan
  • Mellerio Jemima, London, UK
  • Pace Joseph, Naxxar, Malta
  • Podda Maurizio, Darmstadt-Eberstadt, Germany
  • Ring Johannes, München, Germany
  • Ruzicha Thomas, München, Germany
  • Solovan Caius, Timisoara, Romenia
  • Stefanato Catherine, London, UK
  • Stratigos Alexander, Athens, Greece
  • Szepietowski Jacek, Wroclaw, Poland
  • Vandekerkhof Peter, Nijmegen, Nethland
  • Ziegler Petra Maria, Dinkelsbühl, Germany
  • Zouboulis Christos, Dessau, Germany

Italian Speakers

  • Agnusdei Concetto Paolo, Campobasso, Italy
  • Amato Salvatore, Palermo, Italy
  • Amoruso Giuseppe Fabrizio, Cosenza, Italy
  • Ardigò Marco, Rome, Italy
  • Arpaia Nicola, Bari, Italy
  • Astorino Stefano, Rome, Italy
  • Balato Nicola, Naples, Italy
  • Berti Emilio, Milan, Italy
  • Bettoli Vincenzo, Ferrara, Italy
  • Bianchi Luca, Rome, Italy
  • Bleidl Dario, Genoa, Italy
  • Calzavara Pinton Piergiacomo, Brescia, Italy
  • Cameli Norma, Rome, Italy
  • Campione Elena, Rome, Italy
  • Cannarozzo Giovanni, Florence, Italy
  • Cassano Nicoletta, Bari, Italy
  • Cervadoro Gregorio, Pisa, Italy
  • Cristaudo Antonio, Rome, Italy
  • Curatolo Salvatore, Catania, Italy
  • D'Ovidio Roberto, Bari, Italy
  • Dattola Annunziata, Rome, Italy
  • Dattola Santo, Reggio Calabria, Italy
  • De Giorgi Vincenzo, Florence, Italy
  • De Luca Michele, Modena, Italy
  • De Pasquale Rocco, Catania, Italy
  • De Pità Ornella, Rome, Italy
  • De Simone Clara, Rome, Italy
  • Di Bartolomeo Antonio, Salerno, Italy
  • Di Carlo Aldo, Rome, Italy
  • Di Stefani Alessandro, Rome, Italy
  • Esposito Maria, Rome, Italy
  • Fai Carlotta, Lecce, Italy
  • Fai Dario, Lecce, Italy
  • Falcomatà Valeria, Reggio Calabria, Italy
  • Farnetani Francesca, Modena, Italy
  • Feliciani Claudio, Parma, Italy
  • Ferranti Giulio, Terni, Italy
  • Ferrari Angelo Salvatore, Crotone, Italy
  • Filosa Giorgio, Jesi (AN), Italy
  • Fimiani Michele, Siena, Italy
  • Garcovich Antonio, Rome, Italy
  • Garcovich Simone, Rome, Italy
  • Giannetti Alberto, Modena, Italy
  • Girolomoni Giampiero, Verona, Italy
  • Giunta Alessandro, Rome, Italy
  • Guarneri Biagio, Messina, Italy
  • La Greca Stefano, Catania, Italy
  • Leigheb Giorgio, Novara, Italy
  • Loconsole Francesco, Bari, Italy
  • Lodi Giuseppe, Naples, Italy
  • Longo Caterina, Modena, Italy
  • Longo Valentina, Catania, Italy
  • Lotti Torello, Florence, Italy
  • Malara Giovanna, Reggio Calabria, Italy
  • Massone Cesare, Genoa, Italy
  • Mavilia Luciano, Messina, Italy
  • Mazzarello V., Sassari, Italy
  • Megna Matteo, Naples, Italy
  • Menni Silvano, Milan, Italy
  • Mercuri Santo Raffaele, Milan, Italy
  • Naldi Luigi, Vicenza, Italy
  • Negosanti Francesca, Bologna, Italy
  • Nisticò Steven Paul, Catanzaro, Italy
  • Norat Maurizio, Aosta, Italy
  • Noto Giuseppe, Palermo, Italy
  • Occella Corrado, Genoa, Italy
  • Papini Manuela, Terni, Italy
  • Parodi Aurora, Genoa, Italy
  • Patrizi Annalisa, Bologna, Italy
  • Pettinato Maurizio, Catania, Italy
  • Picardo Mauro, Rome, Italy
  • Pincelli Carlo, Modena, Italy
  • Piraccini Bianca Maria, Bologna, Italy
  • Pizzichetta Maria Antonietta, Alviano (PN), Italy
  • Provenzano Eugenio, Cosenza, Italy
  • Puglisi Guerra Antonio, Messina, Italy
  • Quaglino Pietro, Turin, Italy
  • Ricciuti Federico, Potenza, Italy
  • Romenelli Marco, Pisa, Italy
  • Rongioletti Franco, Cagliari, Italy
  • Rossi Alfredo, Rome, Italy
  • Sannino Mario, Naples, Italy
  • Schepis Carmelo, Enna, Italy
  • Simonacci Marco, Macerata, Italy
  • Sirna Riccardo, Grosseto, Italy
  • Stanganelli Ignazio, Ravenna-Parma, Italy
  • Stracuzzi Giorgio, Taormina (ME), Italy
  • Strani Gian Franco, Turin, Italy
  • Talamonti Marina, Rome, Italy
  • Valenzano Luigi, Rome, Italy
  • Vena Gino Antonio, Bari, Italy
  • Zagni Giovanni Fabio, Catania, Italy
  • Zalaudek Iris, Trieste, Italy
  • Zambruno Giovanna, Rome, Italy
  • Zangrilli Arianna, Rome, Italy
  • Zerbinati Nicola, Pavia, Italy
  • Zichichi Leonardo, Trapani, Italy

All speakers must disclose any possible conflicts of interest before accepting an invitation. Speakers must also explain any conflicting interests to the audience at the start of the lecture.

In addition, it is required that all presentations are free from possible commercial prejudices and that any information on products or commercial services is based on already generally accepted medical thinking. It is also necessary to use generic drug names where possible and that any presentation referring to unlabelled or research-associated commercial products should reveal this situation to session attendees.

Synthetic Program

15 November

  • 10,30 – 13,00
  • Pre-conference workshops:
  • - 5 minutes for 1 pill
  • - 10 minutes for 1 idea
  • 13.00 – 14.00
  • Welcome buffet and registration
  • 14,00 – 14,10
  • Conference inauguration
  • 14,10 – 16,30
  • Plenary Session A
  • 16,30 – 19,00
  • Plenary Session B
  • 19,00 – 20,00
  • Welcome Cocktail

16 November

  • 08,30 – 10,45
  • Plenary Session C
  • 10,45 – 13,00
  • Plenary Session D
  • 13,00 – 14,30
  • Lunch
  • 14,30 – 16,45
  • Plenary Session E
  • 16,45 – 19,00
  • Plenary Session F
  • 20,30 – 23,30
  • Social dinner

17 November

  • 08,30 – 10,45
  • Plenary Session G
  • 10,45 – 13,00
  • Plenary Session H


- Keynote Lectures (Chair)
- Selected oral presentations (Chairs)

Preconference workshop consist of two times:

  • 5 minutes for 1 pill (1 hour)
  • 10 minutes for 1 idea (1 hour)
1 pill can be a case report, a free communication, a spotlights, a job’s results and more;
1 idea can be a proposal, a suggestion, a “what’s news”, the presentation of a new drug, or a cosmetic, or an aesthetic treatment, and more.

All sessions consist of lectures and oral presentations
the time of a session is 2 hours and 15 minutes
the time of a lecture is 30 minutes
the time for an oral presentation is 15 minutes

It is recommended to the speakers and chairmen a strict respect of the times: an automatic device will interrupt the audio / video services at the end of the allotted time

Save the date.

15, 16, 17 november 2018 - Taormina, Sicily, Italy

Scientific Information

Sessions of different formats will cover the important fields in dermatology. Subjects will be treated with different approaches and from different perspectives.
Having chosen the presentation and discussion of the European guidelines as the main theme of the Congress, we invited as speakers the European Experts who wrote these and each of them will speak on a specific topic with an Italian Expert in an interactive atmosphere.
The programme will include plenary lectures, selected oral presentations, educational classes, review and update sessions, expert council and discussions, what’s new, spotlights, clinical cases from around Europe, free communications and much more.
Sessions must be of a high professional and educational level. Each session will be planned, coordinated, administered and evaluated in terms of educational objectives.


  1. European guidelines, before and after
  2. Sharing of guidelines on important skin diseases: hidradenitis suppurativa, psoriasis, acne, rosacea, vitiligo, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, melanoma, etc…
  3. Skin diseases and their comorbidities
  4. Dermatological and environmental allegology
  5. Skin immunopathology
  6. Non invasive dermatology including dermatoscopy and confocal microscopy
  7. Skin cancers
  8. Clinicopathological correlations
  9. Sexually transmitted and infectious diseases
  10. Vascular dermatology
  11. Pediatric dermatology
  12. Surgical dermatology
  13. Adnexal diseases
  14. Photodermatology and laser therapy
  15. Keloids and difficult scars
  16. Aesthetic dermatology: dermocosmetology prevention and care of skin blemishes and aging
  17. New and consolidated dermatological therapies
  18. Evidence based therapy and clinical practice based therapy
  19. Dermatological bioengineering techniques


All presentations during the Congress will be conducted in English or in Italian.
There will be no translation provided.

Technical requirements

The meeting will be prepared for PowerPoint presentations. Speakers should express any special needs in advance.


Speakers of scientific sessions are also invited to submit an abstract of their presentation. This abstract normally contains a short description of the themes and topics that will be presented during the session.
Abstracts can be submitted in English or Italian.
The size of the abstract is limited to 3.000 characters.
Check spelling and grammar carefully. Direct reproduction from your electronically submitted abstract text means that any errors in spelling, grammar or scientific data will be reproduced as submitted.
Please use generic names. The use of commercial drug names, brands and registered trademarks are strictly prohibited. Drugs should be referred to by the active substance or pharmacological designation.
No mention of pharmaceutical company names should be included in the abstract.

The abstracts must be sent to info@lorsamaggiore.it by April 30, 2018.

Abstract will be published in a special section of the online magazine “Dermeneutica” www.dermeneutica.it and on the website of the Congress.
Submission of an abstract constitutes your consent to publication.


A Poster Session is scheduled: all dermatologists registered in Congress can present one or more posters. Among the posters received will be awarded those judged best by a special commission.
The first prize, consisting of a check for a thousand euro, is entitled "Award Posters Ugo Bottoni ADI-ADMG" in honor of Prof. Ugo Bottoni prematurely passed away January 31, 2018.
The second and third classified will receive prizes consisting of scientific dermatological texts.
The prizes will be awarded during the social dinner on Friday, November 16th.

Informazioni Generali

Continuing Medical Education

G18 Dermatology International Congress is accredited as educational activity for medical specialists according to the Italian ECM legislation. L’Orsa Maggiore is a National Provider of the ECM (National Register No. 2546) and is an active and qualified subject to directly assign to the right holders CME credits.
Few weeks after the event, CME certificate will be available to downloand directly from the L’Orsa Maggiore website for processing with the national authority in your country of practice for the exchange of CME credits/points.

Regarding the CME, the following professions and disciplines are accredited:

Doctors: Dermatologists and Venereologists, Rheumatologists, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, Geriatricians, Epidemiologists, Oncologists, General Practitioners, Doctors on call, Infectious Diseases, General Surgeons, Plastic Surgeons, Angiologists, Vascular Surgeons, Clinical Pathologists, Pathological Anatomy and Histology, Geneticists, Allergists and Immunologists, Physical Medicine, Internal Medicine, Legal Medicine, Diabetologists, Endocrinologists, Psychiatrists, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Pharmacists: Hospital Pharmacists

Important: The pre-conference workshop and company symposia (Industry Meeting and Meet to Expert) are excluded from the CME program.

Attendance and CME certificates: Your participation to the “G18 ADI-ADMG Dermatology International Congress” entitles you to certificates (attendance and CME).

To obtain the credits will be necessary attendance in the classroom for at least 90% of the event. Presence will be checked with barcode reading in and out of the classroom.
Also, you have to correctly answer at least 75% of the questions of the learning evaluation questionnaire.
This questionnaire will be available online on the Provider's website from the first day after the event and must be completed within three days of the end of the event.

16,8 CME credits will be awarded.

Starting from 20 November 2018 and with one click, you can download your certificate of attendance directly from our website, and from 15 December 2018 you can download CME certificate.
Certificates will not be mailed.


The ADMG Award for Career will be conferred this year to Prof. Antonio Garcovich, Emeritus Professor of Dermatology of the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart - Gemelli Hospital - Rome.

ADI and ADMG have established a prize to honor the memory of Professor Ugo Bottoni, who died suddenly and prematurely on January 31, 2018.
The prize, worth € 1,000, will be awarded on the evening of November 16, 2018 to the winner of the poster session.
The second and third classified will receive prizes consisting of scientific dermatological texts.

Congress Material

Each delegate will receive a bag with the congressional material.


The organizers do not accept responsibility for any personal damage.
Participants are strongly recommended to arrange their own personal insurance.

Mobile phones

Mobile phones must be switched off at all times during all sessions


The organizers reserve the right to make alterations to the conference program, venue and timings at any time.

For more informations please contact L’Orsa Maggiore.

Congress venue

Diodoro Conference Center by Villa Diodoro Hotel, Via Bagnoli Croci, 75 – Taormina - Sicily - Italy

How to get there

By plane:
Catania Fontanarossa “Vincenzo Bellini” is the nearest and most convenient airport at some 55 km from Taormina. It features several flights from the major Italian cities such as Milan, Rome, Naples and Venice (Alitalia, Windjet, Meridiana, etc.) and many international direct flights from important European cities such as London (British Airways), Paris (EasyJet), Berlin, Stuttgart, Zurich (Air Berlin), Munich (Lufthansa), Dubai (Neos), Malta (Air Malta) and many more. Lots of charter flights from all over the world land to Catania too.

By car:
Highway Messina-Catania, exit Taormina